4th AECEF International Symposium


Environmental Aspects in Civil Engineering Education


The 4th AECEF International Symposium will be held on 18-20 September 2002 at the University of Porto.

The brand new building of the Faculty of Engineering is the venue for this event and we are delighted to invite you to attend the Conference and actively participate in its scientific and technical sessions.

An exciting social programme has been prepared to give you a friendly taste of Portuguese hospitality, as well as the chance to discover the Historic Center of Porto and the hidden beauty of the Douro River Valley, both recently classified as World Heritage by the Unesco.

José Ferreira Lemos
Chairman of the Organizing Committee


The purpose of the Symposium is to provide a forum for analysing how are environmental issues currently being reflected in our Civil Engineering curricula, as well as discussing what should be done in order to strengthen the scientific foundations of the environmental awareness of our graduates.

Over 40 papers will be presented at the Symposium, covering three main areas:

Three leading experts have kindly accepted to address the Conference and their eagerly awaited lectures will provide a major contribution to what we expect will be a very successful Symposium.

The invited keynote speakers are:


Wednesday 18 Thursday 19 Friday 20 Saturday 21
Opening session Session 4 (Education) Session 7 (Education) Sightseeing trip up the Douro River valley
(with lunch included)
Keynote lecture 1 Keynote lecture 2 Keynote lecture 3
Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
Session 1(Education) Session 5 (Education) Session 8 (Education)
Lunch Lunch Lunch
Session 2 (Technology) Session 6 (Research) Session 9 (Technology)
Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
Session 3 (Research) AECEF General Assembly Technical visits
  Tour of Historic Porto with a visit to the Porto Wine Cellars    
Reception at the Town Hall Conference Banquet (courtesy of Ordem dos Engenheiros)  
Welcome Dinner (courtesy of the Mayor)      


Education Sessions
Implementation of a New Postgraduate Programme in Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development Pericles Latinopoulos Fac. Civil Eng.Aristotle Univ.of Thessaloniki
Teaching Environmental Subjects in the "Transportation Infrastructure"... H.Sertler, J. Machalíková, R.Písa Univ.of Pardubice
Indoor Air Sciences in Civil Engineering Education Ingrid Senitkova Tech. Univ. of Kosice
Moving from 'Design for Strength' to 'Design for Sustainability' in Constrution - A Shift of Paradigm Said Jalali Universidade do Minho - DECivil
ACUSTILAB - A Smal Educational Double Reverberant Chamber A.P.O.Carvalho, R.Calejo FEUP - DECivil
The Quality of the Public Urban Space - the Emphasys of Construction Fernando Brandao Alves FEUP - DECivil
Teaching Basic Environmental Knowledge in all Fields of Engineering Birgitte Lilholt The Engineering College of Odense
History of Environmental Studies at Czech Technical University in Prague P.Rohon, Jiri Vaska Czech Tecnical University of Prague
Construction Site Impacts in Civil Engineering Education José M.Cardoso Teixeira Univ.Minho - DECivil
The WERC International Environmental Design Contest as a Capstone Course for Undergraduate Education Abbas Ghassemi, Tim Ward University of New Mexico
Graduate and Postgraduate Studies in Civil Engineering and Research in Coastal Engineering and Coastal Environment Yannis N.Krestenitis Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Environmental Protection Aspects in Civil Engineering Education at Bialystok Technical University B.A.Kierus, L.Dzienis Bialystok Technical University
Environmental and Civil Engineering - The Perfect Symbiosis Luisa Lopes Leiria PROCESL-Eng. Hidr. e Ambiental, Lda
Environmental Awareness in the Civil Engineering Degree Curriculum at FEUP J.Couto Marques, A.Pires da Costa FEUP - DECivil
Graduate Studies in Civil Engineering at FEUP and the Environmental Component J.Couto Marques FEUP - DECivil
Environmental Engineering Pedagogy in a Civil Engineering Curriculum Ernest K. Yanful Univ. of Western Ontario
Applied Engineering Ecology in Structural Engineering Ludevít Végh, P.Végh Czech Technical University - Prague
Education of professionals in sustainable urban and regional development - philosophy behind A.Mansfeldová, I.Horky Czech Technical University - Prague
In the classroom: Simulation of real systems with random walks and cellular automata Francisco Calheiros FEUP - DECivil
Assessment of Computer Based Learning in Civil Engineering K.S.Virdi City University, London
Environmental Impact Assessment in Civil Engineering Education:Challenges and Prospects Paulo Pinho FEUP - DECivil

Research Sessions
Protection and Management of Transboundary Rivers in the Baltic Region R.Neilands,B.Gjunsburgs Riga Technical University-Civil Eng.Dep.
Policy Development Plans as Tools of Environmental Management Systems Implementation A.Castro, F.Alexandre, A.A.Fernandes IDMEC - FEUP
Experimental Research of Engineering Barrier J.Pacovsky, Z.Cechova, I.Kudrnacova, E.Hynkova Fac.of Civil Eng.Czech Technical Univ.Prague
Resuspension of Subaqueous Mine Tailings in the Field Ernest K. Yanful Univ. of Western Ontario
Physical, Chemical and Mechanical Properties of a Portuguese MSW Landfill - preliminary results Cristina Gomes, André Ernesto, M.L.Lopes, Cosme Moura FEUP - DECivil
Environmental and social impacts concerning fluvial works. Some cases J.M. Ferreira Lemos FEUP - DECivil
Teaching the earth system to help preserving the environment Mário Quinta Ferreira Univ. Coimbra Dep.Ciencias da Terra
Chemical degradation of polymerical materials in environmental structures A.Barros, M.Santos, M.Lurdes Lopes FCUP

Technology Sessions
Increasing the Life of Concrete Structures with Controlled Permeability Formwork (CPF) - Research in Portugal Joana Coutinho FEUP - DECivil
New Trends on Wastewater Treatment Plants Design Inside Urban Areas Paulo Monteiro FEUP - DECivil
Rehabilitation Versus Construction Options on a Water Supply Pipeline Paulo Monteiro FEUP - DECivil
Material Flow Analysis of the UK Civil Engineering Steel Construction Alan Kwan Cardiff School of Engineering
Naturalistic Engineering in Mediterranean Region; Vesuvius National Park Study Case Carlo Bifulco Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio
A Friendly Environmental Green-Faced Soil-Reinforced Slope A.Mendonca, M.L.Lopes, Margarida P.Lopes FEUP - DECivil
Behaviour and Durability of Geosynthetics as Liner System Compounds Margarida P.Lopes, Patricia Costa Lopes, Micaela Oliveira, M.L.Lopes FEUP - DECivil
Factors controlling bottom ashes quality at the LIPPOR II MSW incineration plant Luis Vaz Nicolau, Manuel Fonseca Almeida FEUP - DECivil
Upgrading of MSW incineration bottom ashes: The Portuguese Case Luis Vaz Nicolau, A.M.Bastos, J.Figueiras FEUP - DECivil
River Bank Protection J.M. Ferreira Lemos FEUP - DECivil
Organic contaminant interaction in different types of soils C.Jorge, C.Moura; M.L. Lopes, A.Gomes Coelho LNEC - FCUP - FEUP
The importance of factors that interfere in BTEX transport processes in soils Celeste Jorge, Cosme Moura LNEC - FCUP
Ceramic processing of incinerator bottom ash C.R.Cheeseman, S.Monteiro da Rocha, C.Sollars, S.Bethanis, A.R.Boccaccini Centre for Environmental Control and Waste Management, Dep.Civil and Environmental Engng.
Alternative materials for building and public civil works Manuel Fonseca Almeida, Luís Vaz Nicolau FEUP - DEMM

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