with the participation of Civil Engineering faculties from non-European countries

AECEF 10th Anniversary

4th AECEF International Symposium


Prof.José M.P.Ferreira Lemos – Chairman of the Organising Committee

     The 4th AECEF International Symposium took place on 18 – 20 September 2002 at the University of Porto, Portugal. The purpose of the Symposium was to provide a forum for

     Organisers prepared for Symposium participants exciting technical visits (University of Porto tour, Porto Waste water treatment plant) and social programme (tour of historic Porto, the Douro River Valley) were.

     The Symposium was excellently organised by the Organising Committee chaired by Professor José Manuel P.Ferreira Lemos, AECEF Board member. Warm thanks of Symposium participants also go to all organisers of the Symposium, namely Professor José Couto Marques, Professor Maria de Lurdes Lopes, Professor Isabel Breda Vásquez, Professor Paulo Monteiro, Professor Antonio Arede, Professor M.Pacheco Figuereido and Ms.Clotilde Bento for their exceptional hospitality and friendly and creative atmospfere created for the Symposium and discussion.

The 4th AECEF International Symposium in a glance

Main topic: Environmental Aspects in Civil Engineering Education
Subtopics: 1. Education (new European trends)
2. Technology
3. Research

Number of registered participants: 81  
Number of participating countries: 14 (Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, United Kingdom, USA)
Number of papers presented: 37 (Education: 16, Technology: 14, Research: 7)

Keynote lectures:

Lecture 1: Environmental Aspects in Civil Engineering Education and the Bologna Declaration – Prof.Novais Barbosa, Rector of the University of Porto, Portugal
Lecture 2: Future of Civil Engineer­ing in a Transforming World – Prof.Evan Vlachos, Colorado State University, USA
Lecture 3: New-Old Dimensions in the Teaching of Civil Engineering – Prof.António Lamas, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal

Prof. Evan Vlachos presents his Keynote lecture

     Proceedings of the 4th AECEF Symposium were printed prior to the event and were available for all participants at their registration. Proceedings of the Symposium can be requested from the Organisers of the event.

     Symposium participants took part in technical visits to new facilities of the University of Porto and to the Porto Waste water treatment plant. Social events were organised as a part of the Symposium activities, namely a cocktail reception at the Town Hall of Porto (courtesy of the Mayor), a tour of historic Porto and a visit to the Porto Wine cellars and a Conference Banquet (courtesy of Ordem dos Engenheiros). An exciting post-Symposium sightseeing trip up the Douro River valley was organised for participants of the Symposium.

     The Symposium was a most successful event. Open and fruitful discussion followed each presentation and offered new ideas for those who are interested in new trends in education of civil and environmental engineers. The AECEF Board highly appreciated the high level of organisation of the Symposium and the results of conference which have significantly energized further development of Civil Engineering education.

Dr.Jiøí Váška

Opening session of the 4th AECEF Symposium

Prof.Ralph M.Francis and Prof.P.Monteiro (FEUP) chairing Session 3 of the Symposium Research)

Ceremonial closing of the Symposium


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