with the participation of Civil Engineering faculties from non-European countries


The AECEF Board Meeting

AECEF Secretary-General

The Fourth Meeting of the AECEF Board was held at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, in May 22 - 23, 1993.

The Meeting was chaired by Professor Jiri Witzany, the AECEF President. Professors B.I.G. Barr, R.M. Francis, J.M.P.F. Lemos and P.Vainiunas, the AECEF Board members, and Dr.J. Vaska, AECEF Secretary-General, were present at the Meeting. Professor Soren A.Hansen and Professor Manfred Federau of the Civil Engineering Department, The Engineering College of Odense and Professor J.Machacek, Faculty of Civil Engineering, CTU Prague, also attended the Meeting.

The AECEF Board was kindly invited to Thessaloniki for the Meeting by Professor Pericles Latinopoulos, Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, who actively participated in the both Meeting Sessions. The warm welcome and hospitality of the host Institution were highly appreciated.

The Agenda of the Meeting included:

A short visit to the Faculties of Civil Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens, Greece and Istanbul Technical University, Turkey was organised after the Board Meeting with the aim to inform these institutions about goals of the Association and membership at the AECEF.

The Second International Symposium
of the Association of European Civil Engineering Faculties

The AECEF Board

The Second AECEF International Symposium will be held at the Department of the Civil Engineering, The Engineering College of Odense, Denmark in May 5-8, 1997.

The Symposium will cover three topics :

  1. On Quality in Civil Engineering Education
  2. On Assessment of Civil Engineering Education
  3. On the Impact of Trainee Service on Qualifications of Civil Engineering Bachelors

The agenda of these themes will be based on three white papers - one on each theme - that will be circulated together with the final announcement (January 1997), and on a subsequent discussion at Symposium workshops.

Papers submitted by participants are also most welcome. They should, however, be brief and each bound up with one of the white papers. All papers submitted with the registration fee will be published as a part of the Symposium Proceedings and will be distributed at the opening of the Symposium.

The Symposium will be held in the premises of The Engineering College of Odense, Denmark; the arrangements will also include a one-day technical visit to the Great Belt Bridge project.

The Second General Assembly of the AECEF will be held at the time of the Symposium.

All correspondence concerning the Symposium should be addresses to the chairman of the Organising Committee :

Professor Soren A.HANSEN
2nd AECEF Symposium
The Engineering College of Odense
Niels Bohr Alle1
DK-5230 Odense M (Denmark)

E-mail :
Fax : + 45 6611 7803

Details on the Symposium agenda and registration will be given in the First Announcement of the Symposium that will be available and circulated in September 1996.

All AECEF members are warmly invited to the active participation in the Second AECEF Symposium and in the Second AECEF General Assembly.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Odense in May 1997.


An error was found in the paper Curricula and Study Plan Analysis by Prof.J.Witzany and Dr.I.Vavra published in the AECEF Newsletter 1/1996. A corrected pie diagram to the Table 5 is given bellow. We are very sorry for this mistake.

National Theatre in Prague

  1. b.   National Theatre
  1. plan at the level of the first gallery:
    1. main foyer,
    2. corridor,
    3. presidential box and rooms,
    4. dressing-rooms for actors,
    5. original director's office

  2. section

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