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Welcome to the AECEF family!

The Second International Symposium
of the Association of European Civil Engineering Faculties

The Second AECEF International Symposium will be held at the Department of the Civil Engineering, The Engineering College of Odense, Denmark in May 5-7 (9), 1997.

The Symposium will cover three main themes :

  1. Quality in Civil Engineering Education
  2. Assessment of Civil Engineering Education
  3. The Impact of Trainee Service on Qualifications of Civil Engineering Bachelors

Each theme will be presented separately and subsequently subjected to discussion at a four hour workshop. Presentation and workshop for themes two and three will run parallel thus making it necessary for participants to choose to attend presentation and workshop either for themes one and two or themes one and three. Two days will be used on presentation and workshops, one full day will be used on a joint discussion and conclusion of all three themes and one full day will be used on each technical excursion.

The agenda of these themes will be based on three white papers - one on each theme - that will be circulated together with the second and final announcement (January 1997).

Papers submitted by participants are also most welcome. They should, however, be brief and each bound up with one of the white papers. All papers submitted with the registration fee will be published as a part of the Symposium Proceedings and will be distributed at the opening of the Symposium. Papers should be forwarded in both printed and electronic form (preferably Word Perfect or Word format). Deadline will be March 15, 1997.

It is the intention of the scientific committee that the three workshops should be devoted mostly to a thorough collegiate discussion of the three themes. There will therefore no automatic - nor obligatory - presentation of all submitted papers.

The Symposium will be held in the premises of The Engineering College of Odense, Denmark. The arrangements will include two technical visits : the Great Belt Bridge project. and the Æ resund Bridge project (May 8, and 9 respectively, the latter with the possibility of an extra weekend in Copenhagen), a Symposium dinner at the castle of Egeskov and a special programme for accompanying persons.

The registration fee of 1.000,- DKK will cover a copy of the Symposium proceedings, the official reception, the Symposium dinner and coffee/tea, the fee for accompanying persons is 450,- DKK. For the two excursions the participants will be charged separately (approximately 300,- to 500,- DKK per excursion depending on number of participants).

In Odense two price ranges will be offered :

Accommodation is within the walking distance from The Engineering College of Odense.

The Second General Assembly of the AECEF will be held at the time of the Symposium.

All correspondence concerning the Symposium should be addresses to the chairman of the Organising Committee :

Professor Sfren A.HANSEN
2nd AECEF Symposium
The Engineering College of Odense
Niels Bohr Alle1
DK-5230 Odense M (Denmark)

E-mail :
Fax : + 45 6611 7803

A more detailed time table for the Symposium will be given in the Second Announcement that will be circulated in January 1997.

All AECEF members are warmly invited for the active participation in the Second AECEF Symposium and AECEF General Assembly.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Odense in May 1997.

The AECEF Board

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