with the participation of Civil Engineering faculties from non-European countries


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New Millennium Colloquium on the Future of Civil and Environmental Engineering

The Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States of America announces that they will sponsor a "New Millennium Colloquium on the Future of Civil and Environmental Engineering" to be held at MIT in the period 19-21 March 2000.

The goal of the colloquium is to bring together a large group of CEE educators and practitioners from around the world to explore the likely evolution of our profession in the coming decades. Various studies have already identified a number of important trends which are almost certain to affect us; these include globalisation and expansion of organisations, internationalisation of practice, major infrastructure development and redevelopment, rapid technological change, increased scope and integration of services (e.g., design/construct and build/own/operate), increased attention to issues of sustainability, and even greater concern for the societal and environmental impacts of our activities.

Technical sessions are planned on the following topics: Industry/Academic Relations, Information and Other New Technologies, Relation Between the Natural and Built Environment, Promotion of Innovation, and Education for the 21st Century.

Additional information is available via email at or by telephone at (001 617) 253-7101. Attendance will be limited; therefore early expressions of interest and registration are encouraged.

This announcement was prepared by Dr. Frank E. Perkins, Professor Emeritus of Civil & Environmental Engineering at MIT. He can be contacted via email at or by mail in care of: Patricia Dixon, Room 1-290, MIT, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

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New AECEF Members
Prepared by Dr. Jiří Váška

The Secretary-General is pleased to announce that the AECEF Board has approved applications of Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland and Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic for membership at the Association. You will find below the both universities at a glance. The AECEF looks forward to the participation of new members in the AECEF activities.

Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Gliwice, Poland

Academic Staff:

8 Full Professors,
12 Associate Professors,
56 Readers with Ph.D. title

Total 130 academic staff members

Organisation: The Faculty consists of 8 Chairs and independent Building Laboratory:

  • Chair of Bridges Engineering
  • Chair of Building Structures
  • Chair of Land Transportation
  • Chair of Building Processes
  • Chair of Theoretical Mechanics
  • Chair of Geotechnics
  • Chair of Structural Engineering
  • Chair of Building Structures Theory
  • Research and Educational Laboratory

  • Teaching activity: The Faculty offers full-time M.Sc. and B.Sc. studies in following specialities:

    1. at M.Sc. studies (currently 6237 students):
      • Building and Engineering Structures
      • Management and Technology in Civil Engineering
      • Highway and Motorway Construction
      • Computational Techniques in Structural Mechanics
    2. at B.Sc. studies (currently 886 students):
      • Building Structures
      • Management and Technology
      • Transportation Engineering
      • Urban Engineering
      • Constructing Architect
    3. at postgraduate Ph.D. studies (currently 24 participants):
      • Building and Engineering Structures
      • Management and Technology in Civil Engineering
      • Highway and Motorway Construction
      • Computational Techniques in Structural Analysis

    Since academic year 1998/1999 two-stage studies system compatible with European standards is being organised in the framework of Tempus JEP project in co-operation with 6 EC partner Universities (total 6 years, including 4 years B.Sc. course followed by 2 years M.Sc. course.

    Research activity:

    The Faculty is one of only two Polish Civil Engineering Faculties which have the accreditation of Polish Research State Committee to the first scientific category. Research and Development activity of the Faculty covers all areas of scientific interest in Structural Engineering, Building Materials, Construction Technology and Transportation Engineering and comprises:

    Total number of research projects granted by State Committee for Scientific Research in last 3 years comprises 34 projects.

    Within the framework of Socrates students and staff exchange the Faculty co-operates with:

    Faculty sustaines Scientific and Research contacts with:

    Contact address:

    Prof.Stanislav MAJEWSKI
    Silesian Technical University
    Dept.of Civil Engineering
    Akademicka 5
    44-100 G L I W I C E (Poland)
    Phone: +48-32-372 288, Fax: +48-32-237 1294

    Prague – Czech Prime Minister’s Office

    Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Ostrava, Czech Republic

    The Faculty of Civil Engineering is the youngest faculty of the Technical University of Ostrava. It offers MSc studies and provides standard education in the field of civil engineering. Within this field, it also enables orientation on specific branches, such as construction in undermined areas, geotechnical and transport construction work in area influenced by anthropogeneous activity, and ecological constructions.


    Fields of study:

    Postgraduate Doctoral Study:

    Research activities:

    Contact address:

    Prof.Jindřich CIGÁNEK
    Technical University of Ostrava (VŠB)
    Faculty of Civil Engineering
    Tř.17.listopadu 15
    708 33 OSTRAVA – Poruba (Czech Republic)
    Phone: +420-69-699 4330, Fax: +420-69-699 4332,

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