The Third AECEF General Assembly

by Dr. Jiří Váška
Czech Technical University in Prague
AECEF Secretary-General

The Third AECEF General Assembly was held as a part of the Third AECEF International Symposium CELTic at the Aberdare Hall of the Cardiff University in September 10, 1999.

The Agenda of the General Assembly included:

Item 1: Opening of the General by AECEF President
Item 2: Report of the Secretary-General for the period June 1997 – July 1999
Item 3: Elections of the AECEF Board for the next four-year term (2000-2003)
Item 4: AECEF future activities
Item 5: Other topics
Item 6: Conclusion of the General Assembly

As the number of AECEF members registered for the 3rd AECEF General Assembly was less than half of the total number of the Association, the article 9 of the AECEF Statutes became operational: “The General Assembly has a quorum if at least one half of the members of the Association are present. Decisions are past on a simply majority vote. In the case that a quorum has not been reached, the session of the General Assembly will proceed with the members present and votes and motions will be carried by three quarters majority of members present”.

Item 2: Report of the Secretary-General:

The Secretary-General presented to the 3rd AECEF General Assembly his report about the work of the AECEF Secretariat for the period from June 1997 to July 1999. In the report he referred to following topics:

Item 3: Elections of the AECEF Board Officers:

Prof.Kuldeep S.Virdi chaired this Item of the Agenda. He presented nominations for the AECEF officers that the Board had approved at its meeting held in Torino in July 1999, and those that were further received from member Universities by August 25, 1999 (deadline for nominations):

AECEF President: Prof. Jiří WITZANY,
Faculty of Civil Engineering,
Czech Technical University of Prague, Czech Republic
Board Members: Prof. B.I.G.BARR,
Cardiff School of Engineering,
University of Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom
The Engineering College of Odense, Denmark
Prof. Ralph M.FRANCIS,
University of New Brunswick, Canada
Prof. J.M.P.F.LEMOS,
University of Porto, Porto, Portugal
Faculty of Civil Engineering,
CTU Prague, Czech Republic
Vilnius Technical University, Vilnius, Lithuania
Prof. K.S.VIRDI,
City University, London, United Kingdom
Prof.Iacint MANOLIU,
Technical University Civil Engineering, Bucharest, Romania
(new nomination)
Prof.György FARKAS,
Faculty of Civil Engineering,
Technical University, Budapest, Hungary
(new nomination)
Secretary-General: Dr.Jiří VÁŠKA,
Faculty of Civil Engineering,
CTU Prague, Czech Republic

The nomination for the AECEF Officers was approved by the General Assembly by acclamation (representing more than three quarter of those present) and no dissention.

Item 4: AECEF future activities:

Professor Manfred Federau chaired Item 4 of the Agenda: This topic was in the agenda subdivided in two issues

Regarding the 4th AECEF International Symposium it was scheduled for autumn 2001. It was decided that tittle of the event should contain three key words – Civil Engineering, Environment and Education. The draft tittle of the 4th Symposium is Environmental Aspects in Civil Engineering Education. The General Assembly approved that Moscow State University of Civil Engineering would be a host institution for the event.

Regarding the EUCEET Project, Professor Iacint Manoliu gave a short summary on the progress of the EUCEET Thematic Network Project. He put special emphasis on the fingerprints that AECEF as an organisation and individual AECEF members has placed on the project. AECEF members could still join the project either through AECEF or as individual institutions. AECEF intends to inform its members about Project results in the AECEF Newsletters.

The Agenda and Minutes of the 3rd AECEF General Assembly are available from the AECEF Secretariat on request.

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