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Civil engineering in developing countries

Kód předmětu:124XCDC
Druh studia:Bakalářský
Semestr:Letní, zimní
Typ předmětu:Volitelný
Garant předmětu:Ing. Jan Tilinger, Ph.D.


In the long run, organisations that work in developing or climatically different countries have to cope with shortage of civil engineers and experts capable of working in environments that are entirely different in terms of culture, climate, and social and economic arrangements. The course aims to offer basic information about the specifics of working in these regions to students. During the course, we will analyse the specifics of construction approaches in developing countries paying attention, in particular, to distinct climate, to using procedures, materials and organisational approaches not typical for our country as well as other factors different from standards in the Czech Republic (e.g. seismic activity, tsunami, animals, insects, monsoons, absence of utilities, etc.). Students will also learn about other specifics of working in developing countries, climatology, safety and protection of health and the technicalities of project preparation and organisation.

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