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Civil Engineering in Developing Countries

Kód předmětu:124EDC
Zakončení:Zápočet, zkouška
Druh studia:Bakalářský
Typ předmětu:Povinný
Garant předmětu:Tilinger Jan Ing. Ph.D.


For a long time, organizations operating in developing and climatically or culturally diverse regions have been struggling with the lack of construction experts who would be able to work in a setting that is culturally, climatically, socially and economically different. The aim of the course is to provide students with basic information about the specifics of work in such regions. Within the subject we will deal with constructional approaches with respect to different climate, use of non-standard procedures, materials and organizational approaches and other factors different from the standards in the Europe or Czech Republic (e.g. building requirements, seismic activity, tsunami, animals, insects, monsoon rain , absence of networks, etc.). Moreover, the students will get acquainted with other specifics of working abroad, especially with the basics of multicultural communication, climatology, safety and health protection and specifics of preparation
and organization of projects. Selected topics will be introduced by experienced specialists.
As a part of the subject curriculum, students will create a project according to their own choice or in cooperation with non-profit organizations operating abroad. The subject is taught in English and students work in international interdisciplinary teams.


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