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Ing. Kateřina Sojková, Ph.D.


General information is at the department website of the course XCAE.


Course CAE runs on-site in summer term 2023/2024.


Ending term:

  • attendance (max. 3 absences)
  • seminar work of sufficient quality
    • check of the first part approx. mid semester
    • hand in: 3 weeks before Transcript, but by 26 May 2024 at latest (via email possible), use checklist for self-check before handing in


Check of the first part of the seminar work starts from 8 April:

  • Floor plan in compliance with the assignment (see below) - for check prepare the completed floor plan including some equipment, i.e. walls, doors, windows, equipment (sanitary or furniture, or so), etc., for now without annotations
  • Check the work yourself first using the checklist before sending it! (in downloads section below)
  • Check will be realized in a form of consultation in my office (room A528) at given dates, enrol for the consultation slot in the table
  • Send the file for check by email the day prior to your consultation date at the latest. Use "CAE Lastname Firstname" in the subject of the email. Use the same for the DWG file name.


Check of the completed seminar work

  • Completed seminar work in accordance with the requirments (see below) is to be handed in
  • Use the checklist (to be found in downloads below) before handing in!
  • Check of completed seminar work will be realized in a form of consultation in my office (room A528) at given dates - enrol for the check/consultation slot in the table: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WL5KvLyy1RyfxSy8b6GC5XAv7GQvSs6PsJBhETO3UTU/edit?usp=sharing
  • Send the 5 requested files for check by email by the final deadline (see the ending term above) at the latest. Use "CAE Lastname Firstname" in the subject of the email. Use the same as the files' names prefix.


Seminar work:

  • Floor plan of a house or a flat containing
    • minimum 3 rooms
    • at least one non-continuous line exists in the drawing (e.g. dashdot, dashed, divide etc.)
    • at least one wall contains a thermal insulation
    • all equipment (sanitary, furniture, ...) created as blocks (minimum 4 blocks, no more than approx. 10 blocks)
    • annotations
      • room numbers
      • bubbles as blocks with attributes
      • dimensions, including windows' height and windows' sill height below the dim line
      • and other anotations (see the bathroom flooorplane from the classes for an inspiration)
    • hatches of the walls
    • table of rooms incl. sum of floor areas
    • layers settings... see the bathroom for inspiration
  • 3 layouts prepared for printing
    • paper size as needed so that everything fits on the paper
    • dimensions, texts, bubbles, hatches - the same size in all scales on a paper
    • print in black and white
    • Layout no.1: scale 1:50, table of rooms, stamp (label), north star --> PDF
    • Layout no.2: scale 1:100 and detail e.g. 1:20, table of rooms, stamp (label), north star --> PDF
    • Layout no.3: copy of layout no.1 but print settings for JPG (printer, window, fit to paper, center) --> JPG
  • From layouts no.1 and 2 create a multi-sheet DWF
  • For obtaining the credits - files to be sent:
    • source file DWG
    • 2x PDF (from layouts no.1 and 2)
    • multi-sheet DWF (made from layout no.1 and 2)
    • file JPG made from layout no.3



  • https://help.autodesk.com/view/ACD/2022/ENU/


Files for download

XCAE Handouts
Bathroom assignment(30.3kB)pdf
Sanitary ware(22kB)pdf
XCAE checklist
Checklist (version 2020-05-18) (121.8kB)pdf
Practice exercises - drawing lines using lengths, coordinates and angles
Exercise 1(10.4kB)pdf
Exercise 2 - chapel(9.4kB)pdf
Exercise 3 - church(14.9kB)pdf
Exercise 4 - elephant(29.4kB)pdf

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