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Integrated building design

Weekly load:2+0
Branch of study:Buildings and Environment (W)
Type of study:Master
Type of course:Compulsory
Main lecturer:Ing. Antonín Lupíšek, Ph.D., antonin.lupisek@cvut.cz



See the goals and plan of lectures bellow.



The main objective of the subject Integrated Building Design is to get an complex overview of the principles of integrated buildings design, life cycle assessment of buildings, evaluation of building performance, green/sustainable certificaition systems and understand environmental, social and economic aspects of the built environment.

Detialed agenda and topics of lectures are available in the Lectures section bellow.



Background in architecture, building engineering or civil engineering.



1. Introduction to sustainable building

2. Integrated building design

3. Basics of life cycle assessment

4. Design principles of energy- and material-effcient buildings

5. Economic and social aspects of buildings

6. Environmental aspects of buildings

7. Methods of complex assessment of buildings

8. Complex assessement of buildings- tools

9. Utilization of environmental friendly materials

10. Utilization of high performance materials – concrete and silicate composites

11. Utilization of recycles materials and design for re-use

12. Sustainable urban development and re-use of brownfileds



Ending term:


Written part: test (7 tasks, 50 minutes)

Oral part: Discussion on homework + questions related co the lectures


Lectures in PDF bellow (login needed).




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