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Lighting and acoustics

Weekly load:1+1
Assessment:Classified credit
Type of study:Master
Type of course:Compulsory
Main lecturer:Ing. Jiří Nováček, Ph.D.


The basic knowledge from building acoustics and daylight in architecture is given to students within this course. Students participating in this course should be able to design and evaluate buildings considering acoustic and daylight requirements.



Fundamentals of acoustics, basic definitions and quantities (sound as a physical phenomenon, spectral analysis, levels and decibels, weighing of sound, time factor and equivalent levels, sound sources, sound fields).Indoor and outdoor sound propagation (attenuation, absorption, reflection and geometrical spreading of sound). Noise and vibration control engineering (principles of noise and vibration control, elastic mounting of vibration sources, enclosures, barriers, room sound absorption). Introduction to room acoustics and sound insulation in buildings (sound reduction index of single and double leaf partitions, impact sound insulation, revereberation time).


The course aims to improve the students’ ability to see, to plan and to design daylight in architecture. The purpose is to consider daylight and sunlight as a resource, a raw material, and to understand how it can be used to emphasize architectural concepts while keeping the comfort for users.

Students are asked to adopt a sustainable approach focusing on visual comfort, biological needs and energy concerns. Course consist of lectures, individual work as well as groupwork. Computer simulation and practical real-life measurements are used to validate the concepts.



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