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Structural Design Project 3

Weekly load:0+4
Assessment:Classified credit
Branch of study:Erasmus (ERA), Building Structures (D)
Type of study:Master
Type of course:Compulsory
Main lecturer:doc.Ing. František Kulhánek, CSc.


Design eventually reconstruction of chosen building structure - complicated or futuristic building. Analysis of load including non-forced load and final-completion structures load, functional and technologic requirements, design of load-bearing system alternatives including foundations, preliminary bearing elements dimensions calculation, choice of most suitable version. Detailed statical design of chosen version, calculation, technical report and drawings. Check of bearing and non-bearing structures interaction and assembly techniques. Public presentation.


  1. Barrit C.M.H.: Advanced Building Construction, Vol 1 - 4, Longman 1991
  2. Foster Jack Strond: Structure and Fabric, Parts I - III, Longman 1994

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