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Building systems

Weekly load:4+0
Branch of study:Buildings and Environment (W)
Type of study:Master
Type of course:Compulsory
Main lecturer:Prof.Ing.Jan Tywoniak,CSc.


Building design considering sustainable approach. Building-energy concepts, including passive house strategies. Functional and space concept, structural consequences together with technical services systems. Specific solution for different building typology: smal and large residential, short-time lodging, office buildings, educational buildings, social sevirces etc. Exkursion. Lectures together with k125 Technical services department.


  1. ASHRAE - Heating, ventilation and airconditioning
  2. Daniels, K.: Technologie des ökologischen Bauens.Birkhäuser Verlag 2000
  3. Hegger, M. at al.: Energy Atlas.Sustainable Architecture. Birkhäuser 2008

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