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Thermal protection of buildings

Weekly load:1+1
Branch of study:Buildings and Environment (W)
Type of study:Master
Type of course:Optional
Main lecturer:Doc. Dr. Ing. Zbyněk Svoboda

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The course is focused mainly on the practical numerical modelling of hygro-thermal processes in constructions and buildings. It is assumed that students already know the basic principles of building physics.

Students can learn how to calculate thermal transmittance and water vapor condensation risk in building constructions (including effects of thermal bridges). Basic and advanced calculation models are used during the course (Glaser, Wufi). Energy performance calculation is another theme of the course with focus on low-energy houses.


Introduction to the basic procedures of hygro-thermal calculations.



1. Heat transport in building constructions

- thermal transmittance

- influence of thermal bridges

2. Moisture transport in building constructions

- Glaser model

- advanced models

3. Energy performace of buildings

- energy need

- energy use

4. Energy performance of buildings

- primary energy

5. Thermal bridges

- linear thermal transmittance

- point thermal transmittance

6. Reserve




1. Basic evaluation of building construction

- design of wall, roof, floor of low-e family house

- calculation of U-value

2. Basic evaluation of building construction

- calculation of vapor condensation risk using Glaser model

3. Advanced evaluation of building construction

- calculation of vapor transport using WUFI model

- influence of built-in moisture contents

4. Consultation

5. Energy performance of building

- energy need and energy use calculation for low-e family house

- primary energy and CO2 emissions calculation

6. Consultation

- presentations of final reports


Ending term:

Finished all tasks, presentation of final report.


Hagentoft, CE: Introduction to Building Physics, Studentlitteratur, Lund 2001

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