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Final Porject

Weekly load:0+6
Assessment:Classified credit
Branch of study:*vyuka_ - en
Type of study:Bachelor
Type of course:Compulsory
Main lecturer:doc.Ing. František Kulhánek, CSc.


On the base of architectural study to eleborate complex building project,
consisting of design of structural system and design of individual structures. Final optimalised version will be chosen from the variants of solution. Project consists of structural, statics, technology and services parts.


Good knowledge in design of building structures, brick, concrete and steel
structures are expected.


Design and analysis of structural system of building, envelope structures
design, preliminary statics calculation and bearing structures design,
completation structures design, structural details design, detailed solution
of selected parts from building structures, concrete and steel structures,
services and technology parts, elaboration of selected parts of project
scatchings, technical report.


Whitlow R.: Materials and Structures, Longman 1992
Barry R.: The Construction of Buildings, BSP 1989
Foster J.S.: Structures and Fabric, Parts I - III, Longman 1994

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