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CAD systems: AutoCAD 1 (english)

Weekly load:0+2
Branch of study:*vyuka_ - en
Type of study:Bachelor
Term:Summer, winter
Type of course:Facultative
Main lecturer: Ing. Kateřina Sojková, Ph.D.


The seminar familiarizes student with the AutoCAD drawing software and is focused on practical use within building construction and architecture design. Students will learn to work with 2D geometry, such as drawing floor plans, sections, details, views, dimensioning, using and creating blocks and xrefs, tables, work with layers, line types and hatches, printing in various scales and on various paper formats, creating templates for further work.


  1. CAD systems in civil engineering. Hardware, software. Autodesk Academia programme, Autodesk certificates. Obtaining student version of AutoCAD. Introduction to work with AutoCAD. Examples of seminar work.
  2. Bathroom floor plan. Driving units. Layers, colours, line types and thickness. Driving and editing commands, editing using nods.
  3. Bathroom floor plan continuation: sanitary equipment, blocks. Other commands for drawing and editing. Drawing utilities – snap, tracing, ortho, step... Coordinate system.
  4. Bathroom floor plan finishing
  5. Bathroom continuation: hatching, texts and description, dimensioning,...
  6. Bathroom continuation: blocks with attributes, table of rooms, stamp. Creation and usage of libraries.
  7. Printing, work with layouts, paper sizes, printing scales, the same size of dimensions and text for different scales.
  8. Templates with text, dimension and table styles, layers, line types, blocks and layouts.
  9. Finishing.
  10. Seminar work:
    Floor plan of a house or a flat containing minimum 3 rooms.
    Blocks, dimensions, hatches, description, layers... ditto the bathroom.
    Drawing no.1: separate layout, scale 1:50, table of rooms, sum of floor areas, stamp, north star. --> PDF.
    Drawing no.2: separate layout, scale 1:100 and detail e.g. 1:20. Dimensions and description of the same size for both scales. Stamp. --> PDF.
    Drawing no.3: ditto no.1 but printing settings for JPG.
    Multi-page DWF: made from drawing no.1 and no.2.
    For obtaining the credits: source DWG, 2x PDF, JPG, DWF.
  11. Seminar work finishing.
  12. Seminar work handing in electronically (email, USB stick). Giving credits.


Ending term:

Attendance and seminar work hand in in time.

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