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Department of Architectural Engineering
Faculty of Civil Engineering, CTU in Prague

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Chemical and microbiological laboratory

You will find us in hall D 1035-1037. We focus on tests of physical, chemical and biological properties of building materials. For this purpouse our laboratory is equipped with standard devices, which are used not only for these determinations, but also for research and development activities. The laboratory is also used for teaching undergraduate, master's and doctoral studies and is also listes as accredited workplaces-OL ZL 1048 124th


Radon Laboratory

Our special laboratory OL124 is a part of the test laboratory No. 1048 that is accredited by ČIA. We perform the accredited test  "Determination of the radon diffusion coefficient of waterproofing materials"
The test meets the requirements of  ČSN 73 0601 (2006) and ISO/TS 11665-12.
The test procedure was approved by the State Office for Nuclear Safety on June 8, 1998.


Laboratory of Material Proprieties

- Concentrates on the diagnosis and exploration of building structures.

Photovoltaic Laboratory (FVLab)

- Deals with the construction and integration of solar energy systems in buildings. More information http://fotovoltaika.fsv.cvut.cz.


All facilities serve the needs of both teaching and scientific research, as well as with specific tasks for practice.