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Research Program MSM6840770001 (2005-2011)

Project Name:
Reliability, optimization and durability of building materials and structures

Name of investigator: prof. Ing. Jiří Witzany, DrSc.

The object and purpose of the research project is to develop theoretical methods and methodology of designing buildings in terms of reliability and security, optimization, material and energy savings, time-dependent variables and properties of materials and structures, materimetod, mathematical modeling, reliability theory and risk management. This issue will focus on brick, concrete, steel, composite, wood and glass construction land, mostnícha highway construction taking into account the material and konsVýzkum will also focus on increasing reliability and durability of roads infrastructure, applying new materials and technologies, reliable infrastructure in terms of safety and required capacity, reliability and trsvršku problems and reduce the negative impact of rail and road transport on the environment, research into new materials and structures and problematikuobnovy and reconstruction of buildings with special focus on historic buildings.

Results (publication) supported VZ1 (according to VVVS)


Research of strengthening of masonry arches with carbon based textitles


Research of strengthening of masonry columns with carbon based textitles

Research of impact of technical seismicity on statical safety of multi storey prefabricated structure