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GA103/09/2007 (2009-2011)

Project Name:
Influence of technical and natural seismicity to the static reliability and durability of buildings

Name of main investigator: prof. Ing. Jiří WitzanyDrSc.
Name of co-investigators: Doc. Ing. Vlastislav Salajka, PhD. VUT Brno, Doc. Ing. Robert Korinek, PhD., University of Ostrava

Research into problems of seismic load and the response of buildings to the effects of natural, technical and induced seismicity is presently a subject of exceptional attention not only in relation to constructions located in areas with increased natural seismic activity, but mainly as a consequence of growing traffic volumes and building activity volumes, both aboveground and underground, and also in relation to constructions exposed to the effects of technical and induced seismicity. Increased seismic activity detected in West Bohemia since the end of last century and the National application document for Eurocode 8, according to which serious manifestations of natural seismic activity may also be expected in the Czech Republic, imply that this issue requires adequate attention. The magnitude of this problem, among other things, results from the existence of an extensive dwelling stock of multi-storey pre-cast panel buildings occupied presently by ca 1/3 of the total population, which will gradually complete their planned service life in the coming decades. High sensitivity of the bearing structure of these buildings to the effects of induced deformation, strain and shocks increases the risk rate of the failure of the tructural function of the bearing system exposed to long-term intensive seismic effects.

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