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GACR 104/11/1101 (2011 - 2013)

Project Name:

Degradation of Polymer Waterproofings by Alpha Particles and Soil Bacteria


Project Investigator: Doc.Ing. Martin Jiranek, CSc.
Project Co-investigator: Mgr. Ales Fronka (National Radiation Protection Institute)

Members of the department involved in the research project:
Prof.Ing. Richard Wasserbauer, DrSc.
Ing. Veronika Kacmarikova, Ph.D.
Ing. Pavel Kokes
Ivana Lousova

Short Description:
The project consists of two long-term goals. The first one is a prediction of reliability and performance of conventional types of polymer based waterproofing materials used to protect the underground parts of buildings through the clarification of the speed and mechanism of aging. For this purpose, membranes which have not been used before will be exposed to a unique combination of degradation agents - alpha particles and soil bacteria. This is a degradation environment which the membranes in the underground parts of buildings are normally exposed to. Through the theoretical and experimental analysis the effects of degradation factors and their combinations will be described. For each of the selected material representatives, the time dependence of changes in mechanical properties will be given, as well as changes of radon diffusion coefficient and changes of the internal structure of the material. The second objective is to determine the temperature dependence of radon diffusion coefficient in the basic types of waterproofings. The results of both parts will be used to formulate the principles of waterproofing testing against natural aging and to make a draft of changes of ISO 730601 and ISO 730602.