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SGS10/011/OHK1/1T/11 (2010-2011)

Project Name:
Catalogue of Physical and Enviromental Profiles of Building Constructions for New Structures and Refurbishments

Project Investigator: Ing. Antonin Lupisek
Project Co-investigators: Ing. Julie Hodkova, Ing. arch. Stepan Mancik, Ing. Ludek Vochoc, Tomas Zdara

Short Description:
Envimat is the first online tool for evaluating and comparing environmental and physical profiles of structural elements and building structures with regard to the purpose and use of the element, localized for Czech Republic. To calculate the environmental profiles the catalog now uses the largest international database of building materials - Ecoinvent. But the aim and goal is to cooperate with local manufacturers and suppliers and add the data corresponding to Czech conditions. The database of materials used in the future will therefore contain data obtained by a unified methodology - EPD - Environmental Product Declaration and so the comparability of different products will be reached. Therefore Envimat allows manufacturers and suppliers to insert environmental datat of their products into the database.