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SGS10/129/OHK1/2T/11 (2010-2011)

Project Name:
Complex Design of Envelope and Complementary Structures

Project Investigator: Ing. Petr Jaros
Project Co-investigators: Ing. Roman Jirak, Ing. Marek Pokorny, Ing. Milan Kolacny, Ing. Jaroslav Vychytil

Short Description:
Contemporary high claims to heat insulation qualities of the enclosure walls require to revalue the computation procedures and the whole conception of designing housing, public and industrial buildings. The aim of the project is to create variable models respecting the new claims to energetically optimal buildings, including the solution of maintenance of the obsolete and degraded warming-up systems with their eventual dismantling and the following recycling. Verifying of computation models by the tests in laboratories and test rooms and on special constructions as well, will be the basis of this optimization.