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SGS10/009/OHK1/1T/11 (2010)

Project Name:
System Approach to Precast Structural Systems from High Performance Concrete in Combination with Building Envelope from Wood, Recycled Materials and Biomaterials

Project Investigator: Ing. Ctislav Fiala
Project Co-investigator: Ing. Marko Solmosi

Short Description:
Research project is focused on conceptual design of reinforced concrete frame with a building envelope based on wood for energy and material efficient buildings. Detail the proposal addresses the specific details of the contact type of prefabricated elements of reinforced high-performance concrete, and their experimental verification, design of energy-and material-efficient building shell design compositions using recycled materials, renewable materials and biomaterials is possible to integrate solar installations. Comparison is made of thermal and environmental design parameters variations and variations structure of an object as a whole are compared using life-cycle assessment (LCA).