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SGS10/131/OHK1/2T/11 (2010)

Project Name:
Transport of Air and Radon in Buildings: Causes, Consequences, Measures and Energy Impacts

Project Investigator: Ing. Petr Kapicka
Project Co-Investigator: Ing. Katerina Rovenska

Short Description:
The subject of the research project is the assessment of impact of air flow through buildings and their components on the energy performance of buildings and the study of the ageing of water-proofing materials caused by the synergy effect of alpha particles from radon and its progeny and soil bacteria, i.e. degradation agents commonly occurring in operating conditions. The project is based on the measurement and subsequent analysis of data measured in existing buildings and constructions (drainage layer under the floor, double skin façade). Results of the measurement will be used for the assessment of the energy behaviour of floors and double skin façades. These data together with CFD (computational fluid dynamics) analyses and energy simulations will be used as an information source for the derivation of still unavailable simple method for the assessment of energy balance of double skin façade.