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SGS10/130/OHK1/2T/11 (2010)

Project Name:
Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of the Energy-independent House

Project Investigator: Ing. Ladislav Juna
Project Co-investigators: Ing. Jan Antonin, Ing. Katerina Sojkova, Ing. Marek Zenka

Short Description:
The project focuses on the reduction of building energy consumption and the ways to ensure their energy independence. Both topics are consistent with the concept of sustainable buildings. Building energy independence may be also understood as a security measure to protect individuals against failures of energy supply from public networks. More broadly, it can reduce our dependency on energy supply from politically unstable areas. A necessary precondition for the development of conceptual solutions of the energy-independent buildings is the development of appropriate calculation methods. The methods should be able to deal with complex energy flows between the building, external environment and the necessary technical systems for the collection and storage of energy. The project will focus on the development of suitable calculation methods for the reliable evaluation of buildings with very low energy consumption and higher level of energy independency.