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SGS10/012/OHK1/1T/11 (2010)

Project Name:
Structural analysis of sandstone monuments in Angkor, Cambodia - support of research

Project Investigator: Doc. Ing. Jan Pasek, Ph.D.
Project Co-investigators: Ing. Hansley Pravin Gaya

Short Description:
Since 1992, the Angkorian monuments situated in the center of the medieval Khmer empire have been classed as UNESCO World Heritage. At present, the preserved stone monuments at Angkor contain a wide range of various structural faults that in the more extreme cases may threaten their structural integrity and stability. The causes of these failures until now have not been sufficiently investigated, which is reflected among others in inappropriate methods of used remediation procedures and the progressive deterioration of the technical state.
The research activities have been focused on both monitoring of temperature changes and analysis of their impact on the stress and deformation of the sandstone structures. Non-contact infrared thermography of the surface of sandstone structures, continuous monitoring of both temperature and moisture on the surface as well as inside the structure, deformation of chosen elements of stone and joints between them have been used as the methods of the research. There have also been continuously carried out the numerical simulations of the behavior of sandstone structures exposed by the external effects including the temperature changes and their comparison with values measured in-situ. The aim of this research part was to determine weight of these effects on the deterioration of technical state of the sandstone monuments and thus contribute to finding of appropriate methods for their reconstruction. 

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