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SGS12/008/OHK1/1T/11 (2012)

Project Name:

The Impact of Input Parameters on the Reliability of Predicting the Noise Levels Caused by Road Traffic in Different Calculation Methods

Project Investigator: Ing. Jan Šlechta

Project Co-investigator: Doc. Ing. Jan Kaňka, CSc.

Short Description:

The task of this research intention is to determine the impact of input parameters (traffic load, type of vehicles, road surface, road slope etc.) on calculated noise indicators in the prediction of environmental noise levels caused by road traffic. Research intention is aimed at performing the comparison of different impact of input parameters in different calculation methods. Special emphasis will be put on the impact of input parameters in Czech and French method. The measurement of environmental noise levels caused by road traffic will be processed which will make the contribution to the objectivity of comparison of calculated noise indicators.

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