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Project Name:
International cooperation, in the framework of IEA Annex 58 - Reliable Building Energy Performance Characterisation Based on Full Scale Dynamic Measurement

Project Investigators: Ing. Pavel Kopecký, Ph.D., Ing. Kamil Staněk, Ph.D.

Short Description:
Requirements and labelling of the energy performances of buildings is done in the design phase by calculating the theoretical energy consumption. Several studies showed however that the real performance after realization of the building may deviate significantly from this theoretically designed performance. Part of the deviations can be attributed to the user behaviour, but the main part has to be attributed to the physical features of the building and its systems. Quantifying the real performances of buildings, verifying our calculation models and integrating new advanced energy solutions for nearly zero energy or positive energy buildings can only be effectively realised by in situ testing and dynamic data analysis. The ultimate goal of the Annex is hence to develop the necessary knowledge and tools to achieve reliable in situ dynamic testing and data analysis methods that can be used to characterise the actual energy performance of building components and whole buildings. To reach this goal, an international collaboration is needed on different issues: development of quality procedures for full scale testing, development of quality procedures for dynamic data analysis, guidelines for building performance characterisation and predictions, gathering well documented high quality dynamic data for validation purposes, applications of dynamic whole building test data.