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SGS12/007/OHK1/1T/11 (2012)

Project Name:

Acoustic Performance of Sports Buildings

Project Investigator: Ing. Jiří Nováček, Ph.D.

Project Co-investigator: Bc. Jan Kaňka

Short Description:

Sports buildings are in terms of room acoustics characterised by their large volume and unevenly distributed sound absorption. The ceiling is one of the few suitable internal surfaces which can be used for placing sound absorbing materials. This fact leads to problems with the estimation of the reverberation time in the design process of such buildings, as the standard calculation procedures are not sufficiently precise. The project includes measurements of acoustic parameters of selected sports buildings with subsequent calculations of reverberation time by standard and advanced methods. Furthermore 3D models were created and imported to the acoustic software - ODEON. Based on the evaluation, recommendations for the effective design of sport facilities in terms of spatial acoustics have been set. 

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