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Department of Architectural Engineering
Faculty of Civil Engineering, CTU in Prague

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Department of Architectural Engineering

Department of Architectural Engineering is profiled in the study programmes of Building Structures, Architecture and Engineering, and Buildings and Environment, Building Structures (in english). Basic training ground structures and guarantees to other fields of civil engineering and inter-faculty program "Intelligent Buildings and Intelligent Buildings. It provides training courses in Building Structures (1-6), Physics Building (1 and 2), project, studio work, failures, degradation and reconstruction, fire safety and wholesomeness, building systems, integrated building design, evaluation of complex quality of buildings and others.
Department plays an important role in teaching doctoral students in the field of building construction - a school of about 30 doctoral students in regular and combined studies.

In the field of science and research, the department deals with theoretical and experimental research in structural engineering with a focus on sustainable construction of buildings, energy-and material-efficient construction, structural problems of designing a static structural systems of multi-storey buildings and hall, assembly structures, including the design of interaction with the supporting structures, building physics, fire safety, wholesomeness, degradation processes, structures and materials, failure, remediation, microbiological effects, building diagnostics and more.

Experimental research is carried out in central laboratories and two departmental laboratories - Microbiological Laboratory and Diagnostic Laboratory building. Research on photovoltaic systems has been implemented on an experimental installation in the gable wall and roof of the Faculty.
Cast department: 4 professors, 12 associate professors, 20 assistant professors, five researchers and three administrative and technical staff.