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Ing. et Ing. Richard Hlaváč

Role: Ph.D. student (comb.)
Room: A-535
Phone: 7176
Web: www.projekty-hlavac.eu


Ph.D. supervisor:

Ing. Pavel Kopecký, Ph.D (before prof. Ing. Jan Krňanský, CSc. - †2011)

Research / Ph.D. thesis theme:

Detailed analysis of wood moisture behaviour with respect to its use in building structures


Professional activities:

- timber structures

- thermal and moisture problematic of timber structures

- building energy efficieny, low-energetical and passive buildings

- steady state and non-steady state heat and moisture flow throw building materials and building envelopes

- no-force effects on building structures (heat, moisturet, drying etc.)


Personal timetable: you can find HERE.