Research into the Curricula and Study Programmes in Civil Engineering

by Dr. Ivo Vavra

In 1993, AECEF Working Committee I (Committee for comparability of curricula of civil engineering faculties, systems of studies, postgraduate studies, requirements for graduates in other European countries, etc.) launched a research project on Curricula of Civil Engineering Faculties.

In support of work on this project the Asociation was provided with a grant of 10,000 ECU for the 1993/94 academic year under the auspices of the TEMPUS - Complementary Measures Programme.

The main objective of the project is an analysis of curricula and systems of study of civil engineering courses at AECEF member universities. The project is based on a questionnaire that will collect information on credit systems, assessment, final examinations and diploma projects, length of study, practical training of students, postgraduate courses, accreditation, etc. The information will be analyzed with the aim of defining the knowledge and skills required for civil engineering graduates and for nostrification of their diplomas in Europe.

The initial stage of the analysis has included the creation of a database and the testing of a proper analysis procedure (including software).

The project is being coordinated by Dr. Ivo Vávra from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague. A questionnaire, modified on the basis of suggestions submitted by selected member universities, has been sent not only to Association members, but also to 90 other European and North American universítíes dealing with the education of civil engineers.

The findings will be presented at the first AECEF Symposium and will be available to all member universities and relevant European organizations and institutions.

The AECEF Board looks forward to support from member universities while working on thís project.

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