with the participation of Civil Engineering faculties from non-European countries



AECEF Board Meeting in 1994

An AECEF Board meeting will be held in September 1994.

The main topics proposed for discussion are:

AECEF members can make suggestions to complement the items on the proposed agenda through the AECEF Secretary Office by July 15, 1994.

1995 ASCE Educational Confierence

The Educational Conference of the American Society of Civil Engineers will take ptace in Denver, Colorado, USA from July 8 - 11 , 1995.

The aims of the 1995 conference are to

  1. define current and future needs for civil engineering education and training,
  2. develop an array of ASCE educational objectives, perspectives and strategies for possible implementation,
  3. strengthen global interaction among educators, students, and practitioners.

By improving civil engineering education, which forms the foundation of professional practice, the position of the civil engineering profession will be enhanced.

Any member and/or friend of the ASCE, who has strong feelings about an issue related to civil engineering education is encouraged to submit a short position paper to Mr. Charles Day, ASCE, 345 East 47th Street, New York, NY 10017-2398, USA by the end of 1994.

The ASCE would welcome the active participation of the AECEF and its members in this Conference.

The 1st AECEF Symposium (Prague, September 1995) will continue the work begun at this conference and will enable its participants to exchange ideas on problems concerning the education of civil engineers.

AECEF Membership Fees

The AECEF Board thanks the following members for settling their membership fees and thereby supporting the activities of the AECEF Secretariat and the publication of this Newsletter:

University of New Brunswick, Canada Prof. Ralph M. FRANCIS
University of Waterloo, Canada Prof. Dr. B. G. HUTCHINSON
Université de Sherbrooke, Canada Prof. Claude LUPIEN
Czech Technical University, Czech Republic Prof. Jiří WITZANY
The Engineering College of Odense, Denmark  Prof. Seren A. HANSEN
Helsinki University of Technology, Finland  
Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland Prof. Otton DABROWSKI
University of Porto, Portugal Prof. Alfredo SOEIRO
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden Prof. Steffen HAGGSTROM
University of Southampton, United Kingdom Dr. Zdenek J. SVEHLIK
Universíty of Missouri-Kansas City, U.S.A. Prof. George HAUCK
University of Pittsburgh, U.S.A. Prof. Fred MOSES
University of New Hampshire, U.S.A. Prof. T. BALLESTRO
lowa State University, U.S.A. Prof. Wallace W. SANDERS

Exchange of students between AECEF Member Universities

Contacts and cooperation among AECEF member universities have already begun to develop in the field of exchange of students:


Joint SEFI-IGIP Annual Conference

Joint SEFI Annual Conference and IGIP Annual Conference "Visions and Strategies for Europe" will be held at the Czech Technical University in Prague in September 21 - 23, 1994. The general theme of the Conference is an examination of the first five years of the new East-West partnership in engineering education. The Conference will provide opportunities to discuss aspects of engineering education and to meet partners cooperating in the Tempus II programme. The Conference will host meetings of the IGIP and SEFI working groups.

Contact address : Mr. Jan Pozar
Dept.lnternational Relations
Czech Technical University
Zikova 4
CZ-166 35 Prague 6
Phone: +42-2-332 3465
+42-2-2431 0372
Fax: +42-2-2431 1042


The AECEF Secretariat encourages all AECEF members to publish their views on topics of the AECEF interest and information from their Universities in the AECEF Newsletter.

The AECEF Secretariat
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