Fakultatentag Proceedings Report

by Prof. J. Witzany

A "Fakultatentag fiir Bauingenierenund Vermessungswesen" Conference was held in Berlin on 10 - 13 October 1993 presided over by the then president Prof. W. Durth. This is a distinguished assembly of civil and geodesy engineering faculties dealing with basic questions of university education and research in the field of civil and geodesy engineering, and formulating professional references for government and non-government institutions. The Fakultí~tentag proceedings are presided over by a president elected for a term of two years. In the following term he automatically becomes a vice-president of the assembly.

Sixteen universities and technical universities have permanent representatives in this representative assembly of faculties in the Germanspeaking countries: Aachen RWTH, Berlin TU, Bochum U, Bonn U Verm., Braunschweig TU, Darmstadt TH, Dortmund U, Dresden TU, Hannover U, Kaiserslautern U, Karslruhe U, Kassel U/GH, Mi.inchen TU, Miinchen UdBw, Stuttgart U, Wuppertal GH. There are also two scientific workers' representatives (Darmstadt TH and Karslruhe U), two students' representatives (Darmstadt TH and Wien TU) and three permanent guests from the Austrian and Swiss universities (Graz TU, Ziirich ETH, Wien TU). Special guests taking part in the discussions represented the faculties of the Czech Republic (CVUT Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering), the Slovak Republic (STU Bratislava, Faculty of Civil Engineering), Hungary (TU Budapest), and former East Germany (Cottbus TU, Leipzig FH, Weimar HAB). Other guests included representatives of the Fakult~tentag of electrical and mechanical engineering faculties and also representatives of significant professional institutions operating in the building industry in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Major topics at the symposium included: a report on the findings of the university rectors' conference, faculty assembly resolutions, numbers of university students and teachers, study systems, their structure and principles. The question of raising membership fees was also discussed. New members were admitted to the Fakult~tentag, and several faculties presented reports on their activities.

In addition to the agenda, the election was held of a new president of the Fakultátentag for the 1994-1995 term; Prof. G. Zumpe of the TU Dresden was elected. Another discussion topic was the question of Fakultátentag membership of the AECEF. In connection with this topic and on behalf of the AECEF, its president Prof. J. Witzany and Secretary Dr. I. Vavra took part in the assembly. After being informed about the AECEF's structure and activities, the participants decided that the Fakultátentag should support the ideas of the Association of European Civil Engineering Faculties and become a corporate member of it. Fakultátentag Board members, newly elected president Prof. G. Zumpe (fU Dresden) and vicepresident Prof. W. Durth (fU Darmstadt) will represent the Fakultátentag on the AECEF Board. These representatives of the Fakultátentag will be invited to attend the next proceedings of the AECEF Board Meeting and take part in the preparation of AECEF activities for the periods to come.

AECEF and Fakultátentag cooperation is a very significant step and contribution not only to future activities of the Association, but espécially to the development and coordination of civil and geodesy engineering studies at all types of universities. Is also represents a significant contribution to preparations for the 1st AECEF International Symposium.

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