2nd Meeting of the AECEF Board

by Dr.Jiri Vaska,

The second Meeting of the AECEF Board was held at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto (Portugal) in September 14 - 15, 1994. The meeting was opened by Prof. Jiri Witzany, President of the AECEF and by Prof. Jose Manuel Pinto Ferreira Lemos, Head of the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Porto, who welcomed the Meeting's participants at the University of Porto and expressed the readiness of his University to actively participate in the AECEF's activities.

At the Board Meeting participated:

The agenda of the Board Meeting included:

Item 1: Report of the Secretariat (main activities of the Secretariat since the 1st AECEF Board Meeting, CTU Prague, May 1993)

Dr. Vaska presented the Report of the Secretariat. The report covered the following topics:

The AECEF members (14 members) listed below have paid their membership (registration) fees (50 GBP or equivalent):

In the AECEF Statutes, the problem of dues for membership of the organization was not defined well. It was not clear if the membership is to be paid once for all time (i. e. registration fee only) or if it is a yearly membership fee. However, without a regular (yearly) membership fee the development of the Associtaion would be strongly limited. A system of yearly membership fees should be developed and put on the Agenda of the 1st General Assembly of the AECEF (Prague, September 1995) for discussion and approval.

Cooperation with other academic or professional organizations:


Year   GBP CZK*)
1993 Admission fee
  (7 universities per 1 year
  1 university per 2 years)
Loan from Fac. of CE, Prague
1 110
15 050
4 300
47 700


1 560 67 050

Admission fee
  (7 universities per 1 year)


15 050



T o t a l

1 910 82 100


Year   GBP CZK*)
1993 Board Meeting '94 (Prague)
Newsletter 1/93, xerox
29 000
4 100
2 500


848 36 400

Newsletter 1/94, xerox

3 900
2 430
3 400


226 9 730

T o t a l

1 074 46 130

*) 1GBP = 43 CZK

The main conclusions to Item 1 were:

Item 2: TEMPUS Project - Analysis and comparison of curricula and study plans of European Civil Engineering faculties; a Questionnaire research project

Prof. J. Witzany and Dr. I. Vavra referred to this Item. The AECEF Research Project "An analysis and comparision of curricula and study plans of European Civil Engineering faculties" was supported by a TEMPUS Complementary Measures Grant for the academic year 93/94 (Contract No.: CME-93-B-2003, grant amount 10. 000 ECU). The project was coordinated by Prof. J. Witzany and Dr. I. V▀vra. The objective of the research was an analysis of curricula and study plans of European and non-European (USA, Canada) Civil Engineering faculties. A questionnaire method was used for the research.

The main conclusions to Item 2 were:

Item 3: Preparation for the 1st AECEF International Symposium "Education for Civil and Environmental Engineering and Surveying"

Prof. J. Machacek (Fac. of Civil Engineering, CTU Prague), Chairman of the Symposium Organizing Committee, referred to this Item.

The main conclusions to Item 3 were:

Item 4: Preparations for the First AECEF General Assembly

Dr. J. Vaska referred to this Item.

The main conclusions to Item 4 were:

Item 5: Activity of AECEF Working Committees

Prof. J. Witzany introduced this Item. The conclusions of the Preparatory Committee Meeting (Prague, September 1992) pointed out that the attraction of the Association would follow from the activity of its Working Committees, and from what the Association could offer to their members. Four Working Committees were constituted within the Association:

The low levels of activity from the AECEF Working Committees so far were discussed and ways of raising the level of activity were sought.

The main conclusions to Item 5 were:

Item 6: Other business

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